The Kalari or Kakadu Plum

Kalari plumsThe feature ingredient in Kalari Crush is the Kalari plum which is also known as the Kakadu plum, billygoat plum, green plum, manmopan or gubinge (or another few dozen names).

This fruit came to prominence in 1983 when the vitamin C level was first analyzed during a nutritional research program conducted by Vic Cherikoff at the University of Sydney, Human Nutrition Unit. Some 30 years later, the Kalari plum retains this record as the world's highest fruit source of this important vitamin.

Additionally, it also has the highest antioxidant capacity which is a measure of the combined antioxidant potential of all of its constituents which include folates, ellagic and gallic acids, good sugars and some components that have not even been characterized yet. It even shows some antimicrobial activity and work is underway to apply this property in food preservation.

Antioxidant analyses by government, industrial and university laboratories around the country are building up a profile of a wide range of Australian wild foods as rich sources of essential micro-nutrients with significant health benefits if consumed on a regular daily basis.

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Most of us know what to do when it comes to our health but how many do what we know?

A daily shot of up to 30ml of Kalari Crush or more when we need it, can make it easy to make up for nutrients that are lost to us because of our modern food production methods and crop selection.

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