About Kalari Crush

Kalari Crush is a unique formula made exclusively for TVSN, the Australian home shopping TV channel. The faces behind the brand are Vic Cherikoff, an authority on Australian wild foods and who you see regularly on TVSN and Dr George Kowalski who has had a long career in manufacturing nutritional products in Australia. Together, they co-formulated this unique, superfood product from their combined 35 years professional experience in the nutritional value of wild foods and the more conventional ingredients.

We present Kalari Crush as the best of its class in whole food nutritionals and we can assure you that there is no other product from any other company, anywhere in the world that even comes close.

Kalari Crush is a blend of 11 Australian wild foods, 1 Brazilian wild food (acai) and 15 other global superfoods in a whole food nutritional. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and other beneficial phytonutrients and is designed to help top up our nutrition to an ideal state.

The research behind this delicious and convenient beverage is based upon work done on Australian Aboriginal foods showing that traditional hunter-gatherers across Australia ate a wide variety of foods of extreme nutritional quality when compared to our modern produce. In fact, our modern fruits and vegetables began losing their nutritional quality from around 10,000 years ago when they first began to be cultivated. This reduced food value has accelerated in more recent times as we breed bigger, juicier, sweeter or more starchy foods which are more robust from harvest to purchase. Our food is bred for toughness during distribution and to appeal to our taste drives for sweetness rather than for our ideal nutrition.